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“Follow the Path to Happiness with Healthy Lungs“


Breathing is Life. One who breathes well lives long. Recent years have witnessed a spurt in the number of people suffering from breathing problems, allergies and lung disorders. They face severe health issues and live a troublesome life. Our highly competent Respiratory Medicine Department along with a dedicated team provides high-class services for the patients respiratory disorders like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, lung cancer, interstitial lung diseases, pulmonary hypertension, sleep disorders, lung infections, Acute & chronic respiratory failure. Our chest specialists use their expertise, experience and latest technology to diagnose, manage & treat these respiratory problems with accuracy. They also offer continuous care and help to patients to regain control over them.

Services and Treatments offered

  • Pneumonia Treatment
  • Bronchitis Treatment
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Treatment
  • Chest Disease Treatment
  • Asthma / Bronchitis
  • Allergies
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment
  • Treatment for Sleep disorders
  • Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy (PCT)
  • Other Respiratory Tract Infection
  • Interstitial Lung Disease Treatment
  • Lung Cancer Treatment
  • Sleep Apnoeas
  • Insomnia Treatment
  • Nicotine/Tobacco (Smoking) De-addiction Treatment
  • Treatment for Obstructive sleep Apnoea
  • Non invasive Ventilation
  • Pulmonary function testing (PFT)
  • Sleep Study (Polysomnography)
  • Polysomnography
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Emphysema
  • Influenza
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Lung Cancers
  • Interventional Pulmonology
  • Rigid Bronchoscopy
  • Foreign Body removal
  • Electrocautery