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General And Minimal Access Surgery

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“Healing Experience Like Never Before“


At SBH, We provide General and Minimal Access Surgical services with high class equipments and highly skilled general surgeons & supportive staff. We treat ailments ranging from hernia, appendicitis, gall stones, piles, fistula, abscesses, cysts, gastroesophageal reflux, dysphagia, benign and malignant condition of liver, small bowel.

Services and Treatments offered

  • Trauma surgery and care
  • Tumors: Complete diagnosis and Operative treatment for cysts and tumors
  • Abdominal surgeries
    • Gall bladder
    • Appendix
    • Intestines
  • Laproscopy surgery: Cholecystectomy
  • Ano Rectal Diseases
    • Abscesses
    • Fistula
    • Fissure and piles
  • Infective Conditions: Abscesses and diabetic foot are taken care with good results and early rehabilitation for the patient.
  • Diseases of the veins such as varicose veins
  • All kinds of hernias (open/laproscopic surgery)