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“Holistic Care with Patient’s safety and satisfaction“


With the help of advanced equipment and skilled staff Satyabhama Hospital has developed its Dental services and Maxillofacial department as one of its highlights. The specialized and experienced doctors here create the atmosphere of professionalism. The Patients here are nursed within a friendly environment and their satisfaction is the priority over here.

Departmental Highlights

Satyabhama hospital Multi-Speciality Hospital at Nangloi, has a high tech dental department with ultra-modern equipment and an experienced staff to take care of every dental problem. The Dental Department is managed by Expert Consultants with latest equipment, experienced and trained Para-medical staff, dedicated appointments and patient centric approach. Customer satisfaction and dental services are the topmost priorities for us at Satyabhama Hospital. We take into serious account even the minor pains in the gums so that nothing ever goes to a stage where severe treatments are needed and if you come to us at a stage where basic cleaning will not suffice, we are ready to meet that situation heads on with our state of the art dental equipment, dental treatment Delhi plans and skilled dentists.

Services and Treatments offered

  • Disease finding, diagnosis and treatment plan:- Disease finding or diagnosis is a distinct science in itself, at Satyabhama Hospital; it is aided by specials diagnostic technology with Radio Visuograms or RVG, Intra Oral Cameras, Lateral Cephalogram, Digital OPG, Sialo-Endoscopy and Cone-beam CT scan. This helps us in identifying the problem at its root cause and come with a successful treatment plan.
  • Conservative dentistry: Preserving teeth Preserving your teeth requires high quality, similar to tooth filling materials that are used in order to protect the teeth. In addition to that our dental treatment Delhi service inlays of different kinds of materials that ensure aesthetics and durability.
  • Root canals and crowns: Saving the teeth Apart from the use of rotary instruments and high-quality titanium to ensure the success of root canal and decrease the duration of treatment, our teams ofdentist in Delhi do the root canals under the microscope in order to enhance precision and lasers are also used for the killing of germs 100%.
  • Gum treatments: Protecting the teeth Lasers as a part of our dental treatment Delhi paves the path for faster healing, almost bloodless cleaning and minimum pain.
  • Orthodontics: Straightening the teeth We use invisible braces and aligners as they are in vogue and also 3M INCOGNITO and INVISALIGN are practiced regularly at our hospital
  • Prosthodontics: Replacement of the teeth We use dental implants and dental bridges for the replacement of permanent missing teeth and give it a lifelike look
  • Cosmetic dentistry Anti-aging therapies, smile enhancement, Lumineers, Veneers, Wedding Smile Makeover and Instant Smile Correction are the major parts of our dental treatment Delhi initiative.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: For your child We have the child-friendly teams of dentist in Delhi and procedures that are exclusively designed for anxiety-free dental care and experience.
  • Plainly Invasive surgical dental treatment Delhi From teeth removal to joint pain management and jaw surgeries, our treatments are provided at the hands of the experienced dental experts.

Other Dental Services

  • All Cosmetic Procedures:
    • Cosmetic tooth coloured facing for deformed and stained teeth (Laminates and Veneers)
    • Cosmetic tooth colored fillings (Correction of broken teeth and cavities)
    • Smile designing
    • Gap closures
    • Cosmetic contouring of gums and teeth
    • Bleaching
    • Gum bleaching
    • Orth gnathic surgery (correction of proclined jaw)
    • Correction of Cleft lip and cleft palate in tandem with the plastic surgery
    • Ceramic crowns and metal crowns
    • Orthodontic braces (metal and tooth colored braces)
  • Extraction
    • Routine and Surgical.
    • Scaling/ Cleaning and Air Polishing.
    • Partial and Complete Dentures.
    • Scaling/ Cleaning and Air Polishing.
    • Digital X-rays.
  • Crowns & Bridges
    • Porcelain Fused to Metal
    • All Metal Crowns
    • All Ceramic Crowns( Zerconium)
    • Crowns with Acrylic Facing
  • Root Canal Treatments
    • Conventional
    • Rotary ( with Latest machine)
  • Implants
    • Replacement of single tooth, multiple teeth and implant supported denture
    • Sinus lift surgery.
    • Gum surgeries (Treatment of loose teeth, gum loss, receding gums and excessive gum tissue).
    • Minor oral surgical procedures including cyst removal, biopsy, removal of cancerous lesions.
  • Our Landmark Specialised Procedures
    • Latest single visit 1 hour tooth whitening system.
    • Painless single sitting Root Canal Treatment.
    • Lingual/ Invisible braces
    • Smile designing
    • Tooth jewellery for festive season.