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Advance Policy for Admissions

  • For Planned admissions 100% of the estimate
  • For emergency admissions 80% of the estimate
  • A deposit of 10% of the estimated bill will be taken for non-medical/ non-admissible items which are not payable by TPAs. Unutilized amount, if any, will be refunded at the time of discharge.
  • Where a patient is to be admitted and the desired category of bed is not available, the patient may opt for next available higher category bed & would be charged as per the category of admission.

Booking Amount by bed categories:

Bed category

Charges (Rs.)

ICU (All ICUs)

Deluxe 15,000
Single 10,000

Twin sharing

Economy 5,000
Day care 5,000

Booking amount shall only be adjusted in the final bill.

Change of Bed Category:

  • At the time of transfer from ICU, if the patient opts for a bed category lower than the single room, the cost of procedure/ surgery already done shall be charged as per single room category.
  • In case of up gradation of room, all the charges shall apply as per the opted higher room category from day one except room rent.
  • Room charges for full day will be charged on the day of admission irrespective of time of checking in.
  • Accommodation charges include charges for room/bed/,nursing care,/rmo/diet.
  • Accommodation charges will be calculated from 12 midnight to 12 midnight next day (1 day).
  • In case the patient is shifted from lower category to higher category,the charges of the higher category will be applicable on the patient from the date of shifting.
  • In case OPD procedures are performed in IPD, there would be 20% increase from the OPD procedure charges.
  • If the patient expires with in 8 hours of admission or the patient is referred on consultant’s recommendation then 50% of room rent will be charged.