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Founded in the year 1993, we are the first to conceptualize retail chain pharmacy in Delhi. In 1998, we conceptualized fully‐computerized operation of Hospital base retail chain pharmacy.

Sanyog Pharmacy Program is one of the most innovative and successful committed portfolio in the industry covering hospitals OPD and IPD needs. It offers competitive advantage through quality products and services that deliver superior value and increased efficiency.

Today, we are running 31 Pharmacies out of which 26 are in big Hospitals managing their OPD & IPD services.

Leverage strength for maximum gain

  • Managing one of the largest warehouse in India, running 24×7.
  • Purchasing power of approximate 35Cr. per month giving huge price advantage.
  • Fulfilling daily OPD and IPD requirement of the hospitals.
  • 800 Sq. ft. cold chain room.
  • Bed‐side delivery expertise.
  • Managing 24 x7 drug admixture center.
  • 20 years of excellence in procurement and supply chain.
  • Bar code modality for all medicines.

Business Models:

We offer broad and most customized business model that includes operation and management of complete OPD and IPD requirement of healthcare institutions. Single window supplies, preferred vendor, supplies under local purchase and rate contract for Government and Semi-Government Institutions. Having more than 36,000 registered products, we fulfill 95% pharmaceutical and healthcare requirements that hospitals buy as we deal directly with more than 250 suppliers.

  • Established Proof of Concept Hospital Base Pharmacy
    • Pioneer in developing Shop‐in‐shop model for hospital base pharmacy.
    • Under O&M model – catering complete OPD & IPD requirement of Hospitals.
    • 24X7 specially pharmacy services.
    • Deliver significant value to our customers and suppliers, while contributing to our margin.
  • Bedside delivery with high discount structure for patients on all healthcare procurement
    • Developed bedside delivery system – Ensure right medicine at the right time for right patients
    • Avoid medical accidents
    • Better control – with regulated delivery system
    • Managing own drug admixture center
    • Synchronisation with Hospital IT system for recording.
  • Success path – Achievements realized
    • Creating Healthcare solutions for more than 20 years with a vision of making Sanyog a customer centric organization.
    • Professionally managed Largest Central warehouse in the industry
  • Covering OPD/IPD needs
    • Spread in 100,000 Sq. ft. area.
    • More than 36,000 items.
    • 24×7 operation.
    • Dedicated cold rooms and transportation.
    • Dedicated team for purchase, store & logistics
    • Procuring medicines from the majority of the registered pharmaceutical/healthcare companies – National /MNCs.