The SBH Multi-Specialty Hospital is now being managed by a team of managing directors. Before taking over the management of the hospital by the team, Dr. Gopal Sharma was responsible for financing and re-developing the erstwhile general hospital known primarily as satyabhama children hospital and establishing in its place an ultra-modern and one of the best tertiary care hospital in west delhi.

In order to manage the day to day operations of SBH multi-specialty hospital has an entire leadership team including the medical director, director – operations & planning, head of human resources, head of marketing and administration. Attainment of NABH accreditation is testimony to the hospital’s commitment for patient safety and quality. SBH continues to facilitate the pursuit of excellence by assisting in procuring of not only the best clinical and non-clinical talent but also state of the art equipments and technology enabling  the hospital to deliver the highest standards of services to the patients.

Journey So Far:

The hospital has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. Today, SBH Multi-Specialty Hospital offers one of the most comprehensive bouquet of services to the patients for tertiary care.

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